Samrat Yantra

The Samrat Yantra (giant sundial) at the Jaipur Observatory

Welcome to the new!
The redesigned website was launched in October 2015 - and we are still hard at work refining the content and tweaking the design. New pages and features will be added over the next few months, and we will be announcing updates and posting new items through our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow us there!

New to is the Learn section, featuring a wealth of information about the observatories and the unique instruments Jai Singh created to observe celestial objects.

But more than that, the Learn section also features projects you can do to learn more about the observatories and sky observation without a telescope.

The Tours section features all new panoramic virtual tours that work on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices!

And the Gallery presents curated collections of photographs, panoramas, 3D models, and animations in a portfolio format.

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