The Gallery is a space where you can browse photographs, architectural renderings, panoramas, animations and more in the form of curated collections.
Featured Gallery

Recently added, Renderings from 3D models presents renderings of the Misra Yantra and Rama Yantra at the Delhi observatory. this is the first of several galleries that will showcase renderings of instruments from all four of the observatories.

  • The Misra Yantra at the Delhi Observatory
  • Panoramas

    Renderings from 360 x 360 spherical panoramas used for the virtual tours

  • Black and White

    Photographs from the Delhi Observatory made in 1989 on black and white film

  • Varanasi Observatory

    Photographs from the observatory on the roof of the Man Mahala in Varanasi

  • Nadivalaya Yantra at Jaipur
    Coming in April
    More renderings from 3D Models

    Creating 3D models of the instruments has been a background project at almost since the beginning. This gallery will feature renderings generated from models of the instruments at the Jaipur, Varanasi, and Ujjain observatories.

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