Ujjain Observatory

The Ujjain Observatory - View from the top of the east quadrant of the Samrat Yantra

Panoramic Tours

When I first discovered immersive panoramas in 2001, I knew they would be the best way to appreciate Jai Singh’s observatories when it wasn’t possible to actually be there. Barry Perlus

Panoramic Tours take you to different vantage points at each of the observatories. A new browser window opens that allows you to look around and zoom in on points of interest. Animated markers indicate other vantage points - clicking or tapping will take you there. On phones and small screens we recommend tapping the “Hide Controls” button, the square icon at the far right of the control bar at the bottom of your screen.
I’ve never taken a VR tour, tell me more…

Jaipur Tour

Start your tour at the Jaipur Observatory

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